Friday, March 9, 2018

Dating Has A Big Impact

Merely wondering what's wrong beside me in all honesty, whether this is some kind of disorder or if I'm just weird!

Now i am 24 but I look about 17 (blonde, makeup, go to the fitness center ect - I understand how shallow this all sounds but I'm just trying to get the best advice I can! )

Although I avoid like being the centre of attention I find myself looking for d├ępuration in men! Men I am just not even enthusiastic about nevertheless the slightest hint that We think they fancy myself and i also change into the 'innocent, sexy, doe eyed' weirdo. Also my tutors at college or university! And annoyingly it works! I'm in no means a slut, I've never acted beyond getting this acknowledgement and only at any time had 2 serious permanent relationships ( I'd never cheat in my life but I still look with this male attention no matter where I was! )

I think about a day where a guy hasn't already 'checked Me out' whether at work, university or simply a normal day to be a failure.

Precisely wrong with me?? We don't have 'daddy issues', I don't dress provocatively and i also no longer go out every weekend looking for guys!

I simply can't stop my head, someone suggested to me personally before which i might get a kick out of 'controlling' men but is actually not like that in any way! Quite the opposite!

Only looking for virtually any sort of insight to be genuine.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Email Lists for Job Seekers

Dear Job Seeker
I collected this huge list of emails for job seekers so they can directally apply to these companies and can get a better chance to be hired as early as possible. This is a general list of emails 90% UAE based. I can also provide email list relevant to your field .I can provide you custom list of following fields.
Accounting (867)
Airlines & Aviation (179)
Architecture & Interior Design (213)
Art & Entertainment (105)
Automotive (210)
Banking & Finance (880)
Beauty (278)
Business Development (342)
Business Supplies & Equipment (35)
Construction (567)
Consulting (101)
Customer Service (469)
Education (303)
Engineering (1669)
Environmental Services (30)
Event Management (94)
Executive (284)
Fashion (90)
Food & Beverages (894)
Government / Administration (630)
Graphic Design (164)
Hospitality & Restaurants (1845)
HR & Recruitment (392)
Import & Export (19)
Industrial & Manufacturing (754)
Information Technology (881)
Insurance (56)
Internet (57)
Legal Services (380)
Logistics & Distribution (358)
Marketing & Advertising (701)
Media (83)
Medical & Healthcare (1617)
Oil, Gas & Energy (609)
Online Media (46)
Pharmaceuticals (12)
Public Relations (114)
Real Estate (240)
Research & Development (10)
Retail & Consumer Goods (367)
Safety & Security (242)
Sales (1952)
Secretarial (424)
Sports & Fitness (78)
Telecommunications (63)
Transportation (241)
Travel & Tourism (77)
Veterinary & Animals (13)
Warehousing (95)
Wholesale (8)
Jobs Wanted (70145)
Activities (1414)
Artists (565)
Car Lift (8386)
Childcare (2355)
Classes (1685)
Clubs (378)
Domestic (5447)
Education (2829)
Freelancers (2940)
Music (415)
News (413)
Photography (573)
Services (40167)
Sports (535)

Umar Altaf

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Amazing Product Creation Course Just in 7 Days

Here is just a snapshot of some of the things you'll learn inside...

Listen - I now know that creating an information product is pretty straightforward - IF you know what you're doing.

Half the battle is organising your thoughts and then taking it step by step.

I can now create a quality information product in a matter of days. I actually rather enjoy it and I sit here now wondering why it used to be such an ordeal!

Introducing My '7 Day Product Creation Crash Course'
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  • You'll discover how to quickly and easily create a unique product from scratch. Forget staring at a blank screen not having a clue what to do - you'll soon have your very own hot info product ready to show to the world.
  • The secret methods for dramatically increasing the value of your product. HINT: This is stuff all the top info sellers use.
  • How you can let others do all the hard work for you. I'll take you through how to find the best people to do the bits you hate.
  • and much, much more...

Listen - I know how hard it is to create an information product when you're just starting out, but let me prove to you that YOU can do it.

I whole heartedly believe that after you've read my '7 day product creation crash course' you'll be able to create your own product, with your own name on it, which you can sell and bank all the profits from or use to build your very own profit-pulling mailing list...